Announcement: Slot Myths

Slot Myths
Slot Myths Winning at slot machines is dependent on luck, and this is why rumors on how to win are prevalent among slot machine players. These rumors only represent a false hope in a situation where there is nothing anyone can do. Slot machine myths are what sprung from these rumors, usually referring to tactics or false facts on odds and winning. Hence, here are some slot machine myths that we are to expose. Slot Machine Myth 1: If the player right before you has just won the jackpot, then forget about playing that same machine. This slot machine myth is probably one of the most universally-believed myths. People believe that once the machine has given away the jackpot, it will not give away again any sooner. However, this is belief is false. Your chances of winning are measure by odds, and these odds or probabilities are constant in a machine. Theoretically, there is really this possibility that a slot machine can give away its prizes consecutively. You can only forget about playing a particular slot machine if the machine is a progressive one and you are not interested in winning the lower, default prize. Slot Machine Myth 2: Placing hot coins in the machine would increase your odds. This slot machine myth is probably one of the most ridiculous myths. First, slot machines cannot detect temperature, nor will it cause any changes in the odds of the machines. The probability inside a machine is electronically programmed and is constant through time. Changing or increasing your chances of winning would require a reprogram of the slot’s computer chip. Slot Machine Myth 3: You almost won during a previous spin, so you will win at the next attempt. The outcome of the past has no effect with the outcome of the future. As what was said, you cannot assume that your chances have or will increase. This slot machine myth is indeed a myth because, aside from the past having no effect on the future, the chances are equal even in “almost” situations. Slot Machine Myth 4: You will get paid lesser than the usual payout percentage if you use your slot club card. This slot machine myth is based on the assumption that slot club cards consume casino comps, so casinos would want their money back by deducting more from your winnings. However, payback percentages, like probabilities, are stored in computer chips and are not easy to alter. Aside from that, in order to change payback percentages, casino operators would have to reprogram the chips and file a lot of paperwork to the authorities. So you can just imagine the trouble it will take to just “get their money back” from your bestowed comps. Each of these slot machine myths possesses an illogical attribute that should not be believed. Therefore, before making any decisions, take time to study how slot machine works, and remember that there is not surefire way to guarantee your winnings.

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