The history of the WSOP (World Series of Poker), 1990-2010

WSOP 2011 is only days away and while happy and always ready, the new series, we want to remember the history of this great event and to see how it grew into the most coveted and iconic live poker tournament. After going through the events of 1970-1989, we have to carry the story is gone.

Benny Binion, founder of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in1970, died on Christmas Day in 1989.

Jack Binion, his son took over the empire, and is working on growing a World Series by winning a lot of publicity, attention, media attention around the world and improving the game experience. His public relations around the world has paid off in 1990 and Mansour Matloubi, an Iranian-born players from Great Britain, won the title. This was also the year that attracted the highest number of women and international players since the beginning of the series. It was also the first time a WSOP event was 4 weeks for the first time.

1991 was the first year when the WSOP awarded the top winner of $ 1,000,000 first prize and it was also the first time in history when the Main Event attracted more than 200 players. Brad Doherty, a professional poker player from Reno, Nevada, won the grand prize and the bracelet.

1992 Main Event slightly less amount of players as last year, 201 compared to 215 last year. The winner this year was Hamid Dastmalchi, an Iranian born American won player of the $ 1 million grand prize.

In 1993 the main event was participation was again on the rise, with 220 players participating. One of the most interesting facts of the year, that was qualified for the first time more than half of the players through various satellite events. Betchell Jim was the winner of $ 1 million first prize.

1994 was a special year for the WSOP, its 25th Birthday celebration. To commemorate this Jack Binion offered to the winner’s weight in silver in addition to the $ 1 million grand prize. When the final table was assembled it looked not so bad for Binion as most players were slender, with the exception of Ross Hamilton, who weighed over 330 pounds and carried on enjoying burgers and chips through the day. At the end of his efforts have been generous with $ 30,000 worth of silver bullion in the first place reward.

WSOP 1995 had a record number of 273 main event participants and Dan Harrington took the $ 1,000,000 prize money. The following year it was Huck Seed, who was the first with exactly the same hand of 9d, 8d Harrington came as the year before.

1997 WSOP was the only time when the main event was held outdoors on a giant stage on Fremont Street when Horseshoe Casino could not fit a massive increase in the number of players. Stu Ungar was the winner of this year and as Johnny Moss was three times world champion. Scotty Nguyen first came the following year.

After a decline in the Horseshoe casino operations and a pause in the Binion family left Jack Binion WSOP operation and the series seemed to be attractive to many professional players who lose themselves remained stable between 1999 and 2002. However, WSOP 2001 instead of a record 512 players in the main event and the first time a $ 1.5 million grand prize. Chris Ferguson was the champion this year. Coincidentally, he was the last professional poker player to win the series for many years to come.

2002 championship began again with record-braking figures when 631 participants came the main event with $ 2,000,000 and $ 1,000,000 grand prize for the runner-up. Robert Varkonye, ​​an amateur newcomer from New York, was a winner of such anticipated that Phill Helmuth said he would shave his head if Varkonye won.

In 2003, critics began to think that the series would end on their own and were no longer able to win the poker players, as the World Poker Tour (WPT) is a competitor. And they were eating their words when 839 players entered the Main Event. And when Chris Moneymaker won $ 2.5 million a record first prize, he changed everything for the future of poker. At the beginning he was the first WSOP winner, his place of live poker tournaments online qualifiers won. This fact alone shows people around the world, the $ 10,000 buy-in was no longer an issue and a ticket can be won in an online poker room through a series of online poker promotions. Also, Chris was an extremely likeable guy with ordinary everyday life, could see the poker players and see yourself in his place. He was the perfect face for the new poker era.

In 2004 both the number of participants 2576 players, one of which hit most qualified number of online poker deals, and the prize money through the roof. If only one year before the prize was a record breaking, at the time, $ 2.5 million, the top prize this year was an astounding $ 5 million and the five finalists, one million eared over $ 1 each. Second place was paid with $ 3.5 million. Greg Raymer, a patent attorney, won the championship this year. Once again he got his place in the series on online poker promotions. 2004 was also the year that was sold as the WSOP and Harrah’s Entertainment’s operation secured the property rights to the WSOP.

In 2005 the series moved into their new home in Rio All-Suits Casino and Hotel. The figures rose again and was truly astronomical. The main event alone attracted 5619 players! As in the previous year was that most players of the series went through various online poker promotions of an online poker room all year round. The prize pool was amazing, with the top nine places earn over $ 1 million. The winner, Joe Hachem pocketed $ 7,500,000 and the runner-up Steve Dannemann won $ 4.25 million.

Again in 2006 broke all previous records. Is 8733 participants, $ 12 million grand prize in the main event, which is higher than Wimbledon, put together the master and the Kentucky Derby top prizes, and $ 82 million prize pool. The winner this year was Jamie Gold, a TV producer from Australia, once again, an unknown amateur player who decided to play in the last minute. This was also the first year when a $ 50,000 buy-in was introduced High-Roller event.

With the introduction of universal UIEGA in 2006, there were concerns about the future of the major live poker tournaments, like many online poker rooms, now an important source of players for live poker events, pulled from the U.S. market and the spaces that had to realize was the way to money players in the sites. In a sense, justified such concerns, in 2007 was the only year of decline in history with only 6358 participating players and $ 8.25 million top prize, which won by Jerry Yang.

In 2008 the numbers were regained on the rise with 6844 players in the main event and $ 9,152,416 first prize, Peter Eastgate. 2009 Main Event saw 6494 participants and $ 8,547,042 grand prize for Joe Cada, an online poker player from Michigan. In 2010, the numbers continue to increase on 7319 participants in the Main Event and $ 68,798,600 prize pool of $ 8,944,138 grand prize for Jonathan Duhamel, the first Canadian player to win the title.

If you have not secured your place in Las Vegas later this year, do not worry, there is still time to qualify for the WSOP online live poker events poker run 2011 Unleashed, and many other online poker promotions now. And maybe, who knows, it is you crowned as champion in history, and so in 2011.

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