lottery players glued to their television screens

If there is any international lottery game that has the ability to have its players glued to their television screens, cellphones and laptops week after week as they breathlessly await the draw results, then it simply has to be the US Mega Millions lotto. This multi-jurisdictional US lotto game has enjoyed a massive growth spurt, with the numbers participating in this game continuing to rise on a weekly basis. And with a near-unbelievable $656 million top jackpot prize been given away in March 2012, it’s not all that difficult to see why international lottery players have taken such a great liking to the Mega Millions game.

Thankfully, it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science in order to play Mega Millions. The gaming matrix has undergone a few recent revisions to the ball pools, which have resulted in the odds of securing a tier win being greatly improved. This in itself may have been a bit of a trade-off, as the overall odds of securing a jackpot win have now been increased considerably. Still, this by no means acts as a deterrent from the game, with millions upon millions of punters all secretly wishing that the jackpot prize will be theirs for the taking. With a total of nine prize tiers though, players who get even close to matching up all the numbers will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

In order to qualify for entry, players need to select their choice of five balls out of a numbered ball pool selection of 75 balls – these are the white balls, and are known as the main numbers. In addition to those five numbers, the player would also need to select a single ball from the numbered selection of golden balls (the Mega Ball); you have a choice out of 15 balls in this pool. If the numbers which are drawn match up correctly to all the numbers you have played on your lottery ticket, then you are the jackpot prize winner!

While this famous lottery game may have previously only been privy to USA residents, the advent of online lottery ticket sales vendors have greatly opened up the market, resulting in all these popular lotteries suddenly becoming available to any player from any continent. Out of the hundreds of thousands of online lottery websites, is probably the most reliable, having been in the industry for well over a decade and offering prospective clients their true 100% payout record. They also have a great selection of other well-known international lotteries, so why not play Mega Millions online with them today – or any of their popular lotto offerings for that matter, and put them to the test!

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