Famous names from Baccarat Casino Game: Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi was a Japanese investor who lives in Tokyo and managed his company Kashiwagi Shoji Co. His game plan it really big money, but nobody knew exactly what he did for living. Should be one of his greatest passions was a card game of baccarat, and thanks to this game as Akio among his best players. Betting casino employee named Mr. Kashiwagi to The Warrior because of the enormous, he at Baccarat table.A single bet of $ 100 000, or $ 200,000, it was customary to be done for Akio Kashiwagi, actually has he never bet less than $ 100 000 million and won thanks to such huge bets. But, of course, he was not always lucky: his losses were so large as to be wins.The world had the name of Akio Kashiwagi in 1990, when he won and lost the largest sums at baccarat table. Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City was a fatal place for this passion at the baccarat table: He arrived in February 1990 and won $ 6,000,000 at a time! It was the biggest winner baccarat, and Mr. Kashiwagi was named as the luckiest baccarat players of all time. But nothing can last forever: in May the same year (1990) Akio came back to the same casino, sat at the same baccarat table with $ 2 in chips he had won before, and then lost $ 10 million (! !) It was the biggest loss in the history of baccarat card game and Akio Kashiwagi was the owner of the biggest records: The first was the biggest winner and the second – the largest th loss in baccarat.Yes is fortunately a thing really unpredictable. Akio Kashiwagi was certainly not in a position to give the casino a large sum of money at one time, one thing is that he still owes Trump Plaza Casino Las Vegas Hilton and slightly more than $ 9 million, although he was before nearly 20 years had passed. In January 1992, Akio Kashiwagi was found dead at his home near Mount Fuji has found sword.Probably with 150 wounds on his body by a samurai, yakuza were the murderers of Akio Kashiwagi as he thought, some Offers have with them when he was alive. They said that Akio had so much money and could spend a lot of them to play thanks to the Yakuza, maybe he was killed for some of its debt. But nobody remembers that fact now: Akio Kashiwagi is widely described as one of the famous Baccarat players who had ever been able to beat these baccarat casino game. But maybe he was just lucky enough to do that?

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